Saturday, 23 March 2013

Oppan Youtube Style...

Ola lovelies! :)
So. I’ve created a YouTube channel. AHHHHHH *insert petrified face here* haha. Basically I’ve created the channel to store memory videos and bits and bobs like that. I have a few videos up already from the 1D concert, if you’d like to check them out click here! My YouTube username is LucyMagsTV. I hope to also be uploading some vlogs and make up reviews etc in the future, but right now I don’t really have the confidence to do so. Buuuuut, maybe when I get to college it will be different :) So yeah! I just wanted to let you guys know that, and also that I may not be online for a while, as I have a lot of school work to do since it’s my final year (here’s hoping...) and also, I am taking part in a Youth Group to go to Medjugorje in August this year, so we’re quite busy fundraising for it. Last night we had a pub quiz and raffle and we managed to raise just under £1000, wowza! Thank you to anyone who donated, it is greatly appreciated :) <3 Umm, I think that’s everything? Knowing me, I’ll probably remember 23987434 things I should’ve mentioned in this post as soon as I hit “Publish” but hey ho :P

Hope to speak soon!
Love always, Lucy xxx

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