Sunday, 2 June 2013

Spring (well, err, Summer) cleaning!

Hello chums!
Cleaning. Let’s admit it, it’s not the most fun thing to do. But, my bedroom/filming room was suffering from severe neglect. So, instead of sitting about saying “I reeeeeally need to do something about this room.” I got up of my a** and done something about it (excuse my language). Have a little nosy at the disgraceful state of my room before the clean-up!

And tadaaaaaaaaaa!My room after the clean-up! :)

Also, just because you’re awesome, have a sneak peek at my new project in the picture below. It’s a photo wall that will be full of all the happy memories I have, and will have, so that when I’m having a bit of a bad day I can look at all the amazing times I’ve had and not do something stupid.

Thanks for reading!
Did this inspire you to maybe clean up a room? Or create a photo wall?

Love always, Lucy

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